Companies are invited to test 5G at no charge courtesy of our partnership with Sprint. If you are familiar with 5G and ready to deploy, we can help. If you need to learn about 5G, attend our intro classes and meet with our subject matter experts who can help you discover how amazing speed, low latency and low power connectivity will revolutionize entire industries.

Sprint is bringing a real-world smart city ecosystem to life with 5G , 4G LTE Advanced, and Cat M connectivity.  Sprint is providing “Curiosity IoT” – a platform comprised of a dedicated, fully virtualized, distributed IoT core network that turns customer’s data into actionable intelligence.

Sprint’s IoT core network will be capable of supporting artificial intelligence, robotics, edge computing, autonomous vehicles and other IoT systems requiring extreme low-latency and high-bandwidth.

Sprint’s “Curiosity IoT” can help companies by reducing time to market with simple device connectivity, device and data management, performance at scale with high availability and low latency, near real-time insights for improved decision making with a high availability core network and simplified management with self-service portals and reporting dashboards. Sprint provides onsite support at Curiosity Lab to help companies bring their vision to reality.

Curious about testing?

Tell us in 140 characters or less what infrastructure is of interest and why. test@curiositylabptc.com