What is Curiosity Lab?

Curiosity Lab is a autonomous vehicle test track and smart city living lab that facilitates technology innovation.

Where is Curiosity Lab located?

Curiosity Lab is located in Tech Park Atlanta, a 500 acre technology park. Facilities in the living lab include a 1.5 mile autonomous vehicle test track integrated into an existing roadway and a 25,000 square foot innovation center.

Does Curiosity Lab conduct original research?

No we are not innovators. We facilitate innovation by others.

Who provides 5G and is there a cost to access?

5G is provided by Sprint and there is no cost to access for testing.

Is City Hall a part of Curiosity Lab?

Peachtree Corners City Hall is located at midpoint of the test track and serves as the central hub of the smart city ecosystem. State-of-art conference facilities and meeting rooms provide ecosystem partners places to connect. City Hall is located at 310 Technology Parkway.

Do you have an incubator?

Yes, Curiosity Lab has incubator for early stage tech startups housed in the innovation center.

Application required.

How long is the Track?

It is 1.5 miles in each direction. Human driven traffic crosses the track more than 30 times.

What types of Vehicles can Test?

Curiosity Lab is open to any advanced vehicle testing all the way up to level 5 autonomous vehicles.

Do you have Indoor Drone Test Facilities?

We do not have indoor drone options at this time.

What does it cost to test on the track?

There is no charge to utilize Lab infrastructure including 5G, test track, DSRC, smart poles.

Is there a charge to use the innovation center?

If accepted to test on the track, there is a one-time on-boarding fee of $1000 which includes 24/7 access to the innovation center where the network operations control center is located, work space and WiFi access for 2 people for up to 30 days.

Access beyond 30 days or for more than 2 people is available at regular member rates.

Who can test?

Testing is open to early stage technology companies, Fortune 500 companies and innovative companies of all sizes who want to test emerging technologies focused on smart city, mobility and IOT. Application is required.

Are their regulatory requirements to test?

All vehicles must meet government regulatory requirements for their type.

Does Curiosity Lab own IP developed onsite?

No, Curiosity Lab is not interested in IP and waives all rights to IP developed onsite.

Is there a cost to access the prototype design lab?

The prototype design lab is available to members and testers for an additional access fee of $150 per person per month. Additional insurance is required for lab use.

Do you have internships?

Many of our startups and partners are eager to nurture and hire people passionate about technology. We do not post openings. If you are a student looking for an opportunity, please send an email designed to impress and we will share with our ecosystem. Intern@curiositylabotc.com.

Are there hotels nearby?

There are 2 full service hotels with more than 1000 rooms and conference facilities at the south end of the test track.

Who owns Curiosity Lab?

Curiosity Lab is owned an operated by the City of Peachtree Corners GA.
There is only one governmental entity that controls the road, sidewalk and right-of-way.

How many people work in Tech Park?

More than 7500 people work in this busy office park and more than 1000 people live here in townhomes and apartments.

What infrastructure is available to test on?

1.5 mile dedicated roadway with ten foot travel lanes, ten foot wide sidewalks, 5G, DSRC, smart poles, 1G dedicated fiber and more.

What is in the Innovation Center?

An incubator for early stage tech startup companies.
Corporate innovation team offices.
Startup company offices.
Conference rooms.
Prototype design lab.
50 seat classroom.
Podcasting studio.
Special Events space.
Network Operations Control Center.
EV charging stations.

Where is the Test Track?

The track is located on Technology Parkway between Peachtree Parkway and Spaulding Drive in the City of Peachtree Corners a suburb of Atlanta GA.

What can be Tested on the Track?

Curiosity Lab is open to testing of connected devices from wheeled vehicles to drones to charging technologies to just about anything you can imagine.

Can drones Test?

Drones under 400 feet are welcome.

Do you have garage space?

We do not currently have garage space. However, this is on our technology roadmap for 2020. Please check back later in the year.

Can testing be done on the roadway, sidewalks or right of way?

Yes, all adjacent property is a possibility. All costs to make any physical changes are the responsibility of the testing company and must be returned to their original condition when testing is complete.

Is there an application process to test?

Yes. All prospective testers must fill out an application.

Are their insurance requirements to test?

Yes. All vehicles must provide proof of insurance.

Does Curiosity Lab provide insurance?

Curiosity Lab itself carries an umbrella policy for testing of advanced vehicles and data security.

Does Curiosity Lab own my data?

Curiosity Lab is not interested in proprietary data.

Can I take a tour?

Curiosity Lab is an active workplace. Tours are not open to the public. If you are a tech company interested in joining the innovation ecosystem, we see happy to meet with you to see how we can help.


Do you work with STEM students?

We have a partnership with the Paul Duke STEM school.

Paul’s Duke Stem School

Do you teach classes?

Georgia Tech Professional Education offers classes to students age 18 and over nights and weekends in the Innovation Center. Recent cohorts have included coding Bootcamps and Data Analytics.