Startup Companies

Startup Companies

The Curiosity Lab is home to startups in a variety of industries who are developing and proving out their technologies. For startups, the lab acts as an incubator, providing you and your company with the tools and resources you need to network, build your business and test and develop your technology. The Curiosity Lab acts as an open and collaborative environment, where startups and established global companies are consistently interacting and crossing paths, fostering innovation and curiosity.


Meet Our Startups


Mobility-as-a-Service – Through careful planning, deployment, and management of shared autonomous vehicles, Beep provides first and last-mile solutions to communities, campuses, and transit agencies. We lead the process from concept to launch by planning successful routes, securing regulatory approvals, addressing all community requirements, and managing end-to-end service for safe and reliable mobility implementations.


i-charging was born from the desire to create technology-based products, enhancing innovation, differentiation, design, and quality, within the most sophisticated segments of the infrastructure for electric mobility. We want to be a technological reference for the electric mobility sector. We believe it is possible to do more, sustainably, adopting new tools and methodologies, and leveraging our know-how with global ambition.


A next-generation platform for Ai-designed wireless remote area connectivity: affordable, high-speed, IoT-friendly (surface and drone-in-flight).


Committed to empowering people to act on their health, through accessible science and technology. Created AnemoCheck, the first-ever mobile app designed for instant, non-invasive hemoglobin level estimation.

Developer of SkyTy. SkyTy leverages machine learning and computer vision to map the work area and locate rebar intersections. Operating autonomously to find, classify, and plan the work to be done. Each drone can land, tie, and take off regardless of the other. If a drone or its tie tool breaks, it can be swapped out for a spare. Forming a modular, flexible, and robust system. Combining the tenets of flexible automation and smart tools from the manufacturing industry for the construction field.

Helps farmers grow more and use less with their easy-to-use on-farm sensor network and online intelligence platform.

Zonos revolutionary cross-border software makes it easy for you to go global. We do it right with accurate and complete landed cost, localization, and compliance to enhance the buying experience for your international customers.

Companies currently part of the T-Mobile Connected Futures Incubator, A collaboration between Georgia Tech, T-Mobile & Curiosity Lab intended to rapidly scale high potential startups leveraging the power of 5G.


In Incubation

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Niche AI-first company providing AI-ML models as a service to Insurance, Banking, and telecom companies across the globe.


Creates solutions for digital marketers that leverage our proprietary Voice/AI technology and the Arrivu Platform. Our first product, iStory, integrates Voice/AI, rich media (video, music), and analytics, enabling marketers to create engaging interactive content, cost-effectively.

Carbon Origins

Carbon Origins designs and manufactures robotic systems with the goal of making robots commonplace.

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