Where does new, innovative technology go to be tested in a real-world environment? Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners is a living laboratory for the latest technology graduating from closed courses and settings.


The Lab includes a 5G-enabled 3 mile autonomous vehicle test track and smart city laboratory within an existing 500-acre technology park where thousands of people and vehicles interact with the track and its technology every day.


Testing Infrastructure is open to all technology companies from early stage startups to Fortune 500.
There is no cost to test .


Curious about testing?

Tell us in 140 characters or less what infrastructure is of interest and why. info@curiositylabptc.com

Test track in Curiosity Lab.

Testing provides access to the following technologies and locations:

  • 25,000 ft2 Innovation Center Including Offices, Workshop/Design Lab, Classroom, and Event Space
  • Level 3 Autonomous Technology Test Vehicle
  • Av Test Lane on 3-Mile Autonomous Track
  • T-Mobile 5G
  • Lidar Solutions
  • City Infrastructure
  • Dedicated Fiber Network
  • Smart Traffic Light
  • Cyber 2.0 Security
LiDar and vehicle on Curiosity Lab test track.